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VRG: ‘Afraid To Love’

We sat down with musician VRG to talk about his latest release ‘Afraid To Love’, which releases February 12th, and his process on creating the music we grow with.

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Check up on Your Friends

Friends; a lot of the time we may think by telling them how we feel we’re being a burden. I questioned this. Wondered why would it be so difficult to just speak up. Speak up and tell your friends how your day was or what was going on in your life? I have a large number of friends from different backgrounds. Completely different personalities, emo-goth, cocky gangsta, or confident corporate management. Complete opposite sides of the spectrum, absolute ying, and yang. So how was I able to cultivate such unique bonds and friendships with such a variety of unique individuals?

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Don’t Wait, Do It Now

The last 5 years have left me particularly silent about the subject of my Dad’s passing. Despite my quietude, I can assure you there was no silence when it came to the grief in my heart or the pain that found its way into my writing. I have filled more pages than I care to. Recently I have been thinking of some of my closest friends (many of whom are in their late twenties and early thirties) and as time dawns on us all, I realize that the most loving gift I can give to them is to talk of

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Burnt Coffee for the Soul

Is Burnt Coffee Bad for the Soul? Burnt Coffee, I know what you’re thinking… Enough with the: “Starbucks Mania – I gotta have my latte perfect so I can Instagram the foam heart on top, bullshit!” Relax, that’s not where I’m going… Stay with me. The much more relevant idea beneath the seemingly forced existentialism in my original question is this idea. If we could begin to discern our likes and dislikes down to the minutest detail; and not punish ourselves for them. Are we in indirectly feeding our productivity (not taking away from it) by feeding our happiness? I

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Burning Out Mentally and 5 Steps To Fix It

How to recognize you’re burning out and 5 steps you can take to fix it. Burning out is a common feeling; it is described as “an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.” by David Ballard, PsyD from The American Psychological Association. It has a lot to do with experiencing chronic stress. In those situations, the demand being placed on you exceeds the resources you have available to deal with the stressors. If left unaware, burnout can damage your health, relationships, happiness, and work

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Proposition 64 Threatens Legalized Marijuana

Strict legislations and Proposition 64 are threatening and changing the California legal weed industry. Proposition 64 was seen as a big step by many and set a tone of an optimistic future in cannabis. Proposition 64 is California’s Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act. It was passed in November of 2016. This meant once-felonious penalties for possession or cultivation of cannabis were drastically reduced to misdemeanors and or infractions. Once sales started in early 2018 the state was optimistic. By summer the state projected a $630 million windfall from taxes and licensing fees. Looking back a year

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