2018 has been an exciting year thus far.

2018 Has been exciting for us here at Wicked. We launched our platform and had the luxury to cover some unforgettable moments. Bellow, we share 6 things we are grateful for.

1. Weezer – Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

“Africa” a Toto hit has been the victim of a number of hilarious meme’s this year that have hit the internet. Most likely due to a month-long twitter campaign led by a fan. This cover was well liked and is a hilarious parody of the 1994’s “Undone” “The Sweater Song” video featuring “Weird Al” as “Rivers Cuomo.”

2. Post Malone Did Not Die

Post Malone has had a bit of a rough year. Everything from faulty Air Planes, to car accidents. He was the target of a robbery, etc. The team here at Wicked Human is happy you are alive and eating tons of food! Here is Post Malone touching a haunted object which may or may not has caused his shady year.

3. Machine Gun Kelly starts beef with Eminem

Although Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly started feuding as far back as 2012 thanks to the MGK and his crew with a major tweet the beef took a whole new high this year. MGK released “Rap Devil” with Eminem’s reply “Killshot” both debuting as the biggest YouTube hip-hop release ever.

4. Lake Effect Kid EP from Fall Out Boy

So this year a Fall Out Boy’s demo version of “Lake Effect Kid” appeared on “Welcome To The New Administration”, a pre-release mixtape from the Folie A Deux days. We eventually had the pleasure of a full studio take a long with a couple more songs. Oh yea and a video for “City In A Garden.”

5. Panic! At The Disco Small Venue Touring

Panic! At The Disco has had a wild year. Before their release of “Pray For The Wicked,” the band teased the release of the album with releases like “Unholy Water” and “Worship Wednesday.” Oh yea and they performed for thousands of fans while embarking on a secretive small venue tour such as Cleveland’s Grog Shop.

6. Slipknot making their bloody come back

Ok so this video has a ton of blood. That is exactly what 2018 and the year of blood-based music videos have been about. We love it! In typical Slipknot fashion, “All Out Life” is a blood bath. To top it off Slipknot has confirmed a new album and tour in 2019.

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