Hayley Williams the Paramore singer seems to have her own personal struggles with mental health.

She has recently taken to her social media updating her fans that she will be taking an extended break from her social media.

“it’s holiday season, but im working a lot from home, mostly on my side project *Good Dye Young* which, for the time being, is actually my main bitch,” the Paramore singer posted.

“i’m not planning on abandoning music for hair, in case anyone’s starting to wonder.”

This will be her first social media break since 2015. In her own words “there’s..a lot…going on. it’s exciting and it’s also a lot…i sense in my body and my mind that it’s time again.”

“please take care of yourselves and try to believe that you are worth more than just “okay”…or “been better”…or “can’t complain…”. i think we are all worth experiencing joy. we are worth feeling hope.”

“joy is deeper than a smile. to me, anyway. that’s what i’m striving for. yeah, sure, it’s a life long journey and all that but well…here goes.”

Read her full post below.

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til next time, sweet friends. thank you. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 .

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