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How To Radicalize the Youth in Three Easy Steps! Photo by @marcusp

How To Radicalize the Youth in Three Easy Steps!

A TWO PARTS WHISKEY COLUMN Somewhere in a secret base hidden in Mount Everest, billionaire pedophiles lurk ominously in the shadows, laughing maniacally as we all inject ourselves with 5g nano-vaccines and poison one another with carbon dioxide. Or whatever the fuck it is people believe this month. I get the general idea of most […]

Diabetes and Income

Diabetes and Income

The Evidence: Diabetes and Income Income inequality in the US has recently increased dramatically. Poverty is a great contributor to death and diseases, so are nonclinical factors such as education, employment, race, ethnicity, and geography that influence health outcomes. Although income inequality exacerbates health disparities, poor health also contributes to reduced income, creates a negative […]

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